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- B.S. Exercise Science

- Fully Insured

- CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Meet Clint Madden, Owner and Head Personal Trainer at Toned at Home Personal Training. Clint is a highly experienced and professional Personal Trainer who has dedicated his life to health and fitness. Contact Clint to learn more about In Home Personal Training!

Always Willing to Help
As a full-time Personal Trainer, Clint's reliability, knowledge, and dedication to his craft really sets him apart from the competition. He makes himself constantly available to his clients to answer questions, offer suggestions, and help guide them to the right path of healthy living and overall happiness.

Clint has drawn influence from many Personal Trainers and training programs. Some of Clint's influences over the years have included; The Biggest Loser reality show, P90X, Insanity, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training programs, various Muay Thai Kickboxing trainers, Crossfit, and AthleanX. 

Clint Madden, Personal Trainer in Cranford, NJ

Helping a Friend
Every successful Personal Trainer has a reason why they decided to turn their passion for fitness into a profession. For Clint, it came close to home and completely unexpected. One day Clint received a phone call from a good friend that was extremely overweight and unhealthy. Knowing of Clint's passion for fitness and ability to motivate, his friend confessed his desire to make a change and was terrified of his future if he didn't do so immediately. With a sense of urgency, Clint assisted his friend to lose over 130 pounds through diet and exercise over the short course of 7 months! No pills, potions, or magic ingredients. Hard work, dedication, and a positive outlook were all it took for him- and they're all it would take for you!

Feeling a Void
Upon completion of the aforementioned weight loss journey, Clint felt a huge void in his life. At the time working a sales job that was becoming increasingly grueling, combined with his growing desire to help others better their health, Clint started Toned at Home LLC. Moving onto his 5th year as a fulltime Personal Trainer, Clint hopes to help educate and motivate those around him to better their lives through fitness and healthy nutrition for the rest of his life!

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